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Expert Interview Series: Earth Rullan on Products that can Enhance Beauty

Expert Interview Series: Earth Rullan on Products that can Enhance Beauty

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How does what you do to your body on the outside affect your body on the inside? Likewise, how does the inside affect the outside?

Earth Rullan, the Lifestyle Blogger, Online Brand Ambassador, and Philanthropist behind, has spoken at length about this on her blog. She recently shared some of her thoughts with Biconi.

Products that enhance beautyOn your blog, you mention how certain products can enhance beauty both inside and out. When you say products can enhance inner beauty, how do you mean?

When I say inner beauty, I mean taking care of your insides (cells, digestive system, vital organs, and muscles) by taking vitamins, supplements, foods, and drinks that are good for your body. Makeup and cosmetics you apply outside will only work for a certain time and cover certain physical flaws; but if you are unhealthy inside, they are useless. When you feel good inside, it resonates. You bring out an aura/glow from within so that you have that beauty inside and out.

Do you know of any specific stories where certain products, regimens, etc. have significantly changed someone's life for the better - and can you describe it?

I know of a girl who had a traumatizing experience on a cab she took home from work. She was robbed by the driver who had an accomplice and had her withdraw all of her money from a local ATM. Then he took her far from away from home and left her stranded there. She used to have long black hair and it was on the curvy side. After the incident, she cut her hair into a pixie cut, got more into fitness, and became more slender. She is healthier and more physically fit now. She made the change so her "abductors" wouldn't recognize her if they saw her again.

Why does there seem to be such a natural connection between a person's outward appearance and confidence?

Because like it or not, we live in a shallow world where the people around us, people we work with, people we live with, and people we see on the streets judge us for how we look and not for who we are on the inside. If you look like you don't even make time to take a shower, comb your hair, and wear nice clothes, it wouldn't matter if you were a rocket scientist who has somehow just saved the world from extinction. People treat you better when you look good. When people treat you with such high regard, it's a confidence booster.

One of our human needs is the need to belong and be loved. When you feel you belong and are accepted, you also feel more confident.

Why do you think there has been such a rise in the popularity of all-natural products?

There are so many fake products out there and so many chemical induced/enhanced products. At this point, we know they're more dangerous to our health, which makes a healthier alternative more appealing.

How can something as simple as the makeup that we wear or the products that we use in our hair have an impact on our overall wellness?

Wearing the right makeup that matches your skin tone and your skin condition will help enhance your natural beauty better than wearing the wrong kind of makeup. Wearing foundation that is just three shades lighter will make you look ghostly. If you wear a foundation made for dry skin and you have oily skin, there is a greater chance that you will get oilier and will break out more. So instead of looking good and feeling good, you'll actually look worse and feel worse. That is just because you didn't wear the right makeup suited for your skin type and color. And since we talked about the outside having an impact on the inside, there are big consequences to our wellness.

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