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Expert Interview Series: Boris with MuLondon About Skin Care Products that are Green and Ethical

Expert Interview Series: Boris with MuLondon About Skin Care Products that are Green and Ethical

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Are your skin care products green and ethical? Are they derived from simple, sustainable ingredients? Are they tested on animals before making it to the store nearest you?

How can you really tell? Well, one way is by asking the manufacturer directly.

Skin care productsRecently, Biconi spoke with Boris, who is the Founder and Head Cream-Whipper at MuLondon. He told us more about green and ethical skin care.

What makes a skin care product "green and ethical?"

This is an interesting question, and I think many of us see it differently. For me, a skincare product is green if it's as pure, natural, and unadulterated as possible. I'd rather see a handful of potent, active ingredients in a moisturizer than a whole long list of diluted herbs which don't really do much. Being green and ethical go hand-in-hand, so I make sure to avoid products that contain petrochemicals like mineral oil and acrylates, man-made preservatives, artificial colors and fragrances, and ingredients that are not sustainable like palm oil, rosewood, or Indian sandalwood.

What testing practices do you take into consideration with your materials?

I check to see if the products I buy are tested on animals, and if the company that makes them is owned by another brand that perhaps still conducts animal testing or is not environmentally friendly. Seals like the Leaping Bunny, The Vegan Society, PETA, and certifications from Green America help conscientious consumers make more ethical purchases.

How is that important to the modern consumer?

The modern consumer is very demanding. Gone are the days when products could be sold without any ingredient listings. People now ask questions. They want to know how and where their personal care or household products are made. What goes in them? Where are the ingredients sourced? As we become more informed about our impact on the environment, we realize that the choices we make and the products we buy make a difference.

Why has the popularity of all natural products seemed to skyrocket?

In addition to the environmental impact that our consumer society has on the planet, our lifestyle has caused many of us to have skin issues. Psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, skin allergies and sensitivities are more common now than ever before. Not only are we more educated when it comes to choosing what's good for the entire ecosystem, but we now know what's good for our skin and our overall well-being - and how those two choices are intertwined. We as consumers want mild, effective and indulgent skincare products that work. We want to support small companies that choose to make a difference while pampering ourselves with precious yet sustainable oils, extracts, and fragrances.

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