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Expert Interview Series: Anne-Marie on Making All-natural Soap

Expert Interview Series: Anne-Marie on Making All-natural Soap

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Want to learn how to make your own all-natural soap? You can. Not only that, but you can customize that soap to the preferences of your skin and personal hygiene needs.

Anne-Marie Faiola, CEO at Bramble Berry Soap Making Supplies, says that anyone can do it. Recently, Anne-Marie spoke with Biconi about making all-natural soap and why others should give it a try.

What should consumers look for in a soap?

A great bar of soap should lather well, leave your skin feeling supple and soft (not stripped of natural oils), and last in the shower. Fragrance and ingredients are two things that consumers also prize in a bar of soap. Some people like all-natural essential oils, while others prefer the creativity that synthetic fragrances bring.

Ingredients are a place that handmade soaps really shine. You can choose any number of healthy ingredients for soap and customize the soap in your shower based on your personal beliefs, preferences, and what works best for your skin. To ensure that your handmade bar of soap lasts the longest it can in the shower, be sure to put it on a draining soap dish in between uses.

How do all-natural soap products compare versus the non-natural soaps we're more likely to see advertised on television?

Many commercially-produced soaps (as opposed to handmade, small-batch, artisan soaps) are created from surfactant blends and can be harsh on some skin. All-natural soap can be perfectly tailored to your own skin without any skin irritants. Plus, when you buy handmade soap, you're supporting a small business and helping to create a strong economy.

Why has the popularity of all-natural skin care products skyrocketed?

Consumers are becoming more aware of what they are putting on and into their bodies. Consumers want natural skin care products that they don't have to worry about and that they can feel good about supporting. It's wonderful to know that by buying handmade soap products, you're supporting small businesses (usually women-owned as well) that give back to their communities, use ethically-sourced ingredients, and are crafted with the utmost care and respect for the environment and our bodies.

Is there an easy way for an individual to create their own all-natural soap products?

Absolutely! The internet has a wealth of resources. Start by following other soap makers and learning from them on their blogs and YouTube Channels. On my blog Soap Queen and my YouTube channel Soap Queen TV, I share tons of information for beginning soap makers to help them start their soap making journey with ease.

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