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Expert Interview Series: Alex Quan on protecting your skin

Expert Interview Series: Alex Quan on protecting your skin

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Alex Quan and the team at ATZEN Inc., the maker of Superior to Organic skin care, believe that everyone deserves to have healthy skin - and that skincare products should be safe, natural and effective.

"Our products combine organic plants and vitamins with high-performing scientific ingredients to deliver results safely," he says.

Protecting your skinWe recently checked in with Alex to get his advice on how to take better care of our skin. Here's what he had to say:

What are the benefits of healthy skin? How can it affect a person inside and out?

There are many benefits to having healthy skin. There are three aspects to this:

1. The skin itself

2. How a person perceives him/herself

3. How others perceive him/her.

Not only does it make the skin healthier, it can affect a person's confidence and outlook on his/her life and career. The skin is the first thing others see of us. Is it dull and tired-looking, or is it fresh, glowing, and vibrant? Our perceptions vary depending on what we see.

What are the most common skincare complaints people have?

Wrinkles, lines, dryness, pigmentation, large pores, and acne.

What are some skincare habits you'd like to see people kick? What are the worst things we do to our skin?

The worst thing we do to our skin is not take good care of it because we don't use safe, natural, and effective products.

It's similar to the food we eat; if we eat junk, we pay with our health. Skincare is the same thing. What we put on our skin gets into our system. If we put junk on our skin, we pay with our health.

I see people use products just because they are natural, but they don't work. I see people use products full of toxic and harmful ingredients. Why? We should be using skin care products to improve our skin, but not at the expense of our health.

Tell us what you think a smart skincare routine should consist of.

Cleanser: Rids the skin of dirt, pollution, excess oil, and acne-causing bacteria

Toner: Balances the pH of skin and preps the skin for serums and moisturizers

Corrective products: Serums, acne control, brown spots/pigmentation reduction, and wrinkles and line reduction

Moisturizer: Keeps the skin hydrated and protected

Sun protection: A must for all age groups

For people who simply don't know what types of products they should be using, can you offer them a primer?

Every successful regimen requires the right mindset and discipline. They should start off with just the basics and work the products into their normal routine. Everyone should wash their faces in the morning and before they go to bed. Start with a cleanser, toner and sun protection. Then they can incorporate more products into their routine depending on their skin conditions.

How should how we use products change as we age?

Our skin needs change over time as we age. Therefore, the type of products we need will also change. ATZEN makes products for all age groups from the very young (babies, toddlers) to the more mature (65-plus). Our products are made of natural, safe ingredients so even people with very sensitive skin can use them. ATZEN also has products for cellulite reduction and stretch mark reduction.

What do you think would surprise consumers about the commercial skincare products they use every day?

The number of harmful ingredients used in skincare products. I believe if consumers were informed and they had a choice, they would not use those products.

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