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Essential Oils for Hair Growth - Can They Help?

Essential Oils for Hair Growth - Can They Help?

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If you’ve ever wondered about hair loss and growth, you’re in good company. Millions struggle with hair loss every year, and preventing this problem has created a massive industry focused on hair regrowth. Hair loss is a tough problem to understand, and even the researchers who develop new treatments sometimes struggle to understand what makes hair grow. Have you seen other people who seem to have the lustrous, thick, full hair you’ve always wanted? What if it didn’t have to be difficult to encourage your hair to grow?

The truth is that there are a lot of opinions out there on hair growth, and it can be difficult to know which sources are trustworthy. What makes hair growth even more difficult is that people lose their hair for many different reasons—from genetics to hormone fluctuations related to pregnancy and childbirth. If you’re desperately looking for solutions to hair loss, then you may have heard about essential oils for hair growth. But how can these oils help restore fullness and length to your locks?

What are Essential Oils?

Before we take a look at how essential oils can help your hair grow, it’s important to understand what they are. Essential oils are the concentrated essence of plants that have been extracted into a non-soluble liquid form. They usually have a strong, concentrated aroma, which is why essential oils are crucial to natural therapies like aromatherapy. Essential oils are often very strong, and should not typically be applied directly to the skin or scalp without a gentler “carrier oil”.

Not All Oils are Technically Essential—but They Are to Your Hair

It’s important to note that not all oils that can be used for hair regrowth are “essential oils”. Some oils, such as argan oil, are not classified as essential oils, but can be extremely beneficial to the hair’s overall health and strength. That’s why when you’re choosing essential oils for hair growth, it’s important not to overlook these other natural ingredients that could help your hair flourish.

Essential Oils for Hair Growth
Essential Oils for Hair Growth

How Essential Oils Can Help

Essential oils can help fight hair loss and encourage new growth by stimulating the scalp and delivering vitamins and antioxidants straight to the hair follicles. Some oils can also help existing hair by strengthening it, preventing breakage and split ends that keeps hair short and slows down growth. An irritated, clogged scalp will produce new growth more slowly, so it’s important to use the right ingredients to keep both scalp and hair healthy and primed for new growth.

Important Oils for Hair Growth

If you’d like to give essential oils for hair growth a try, don’t just reach for any oil you see on the store shelves. Some oils have proven themselves to nourish the hair and scalp particularly well. Here are some of the most powerful players in your oil arsenal.

Virgin Coconut Oil

Even though Virgin Coconut Oil is not an essential oil, it is an absolute must in any beauty routine. Virgin coconut oil can act as a gentle, all-purpose carrier oil, but it’s also an important tool in hair regrowth for its own amazing properties. Though not technically an essential oil, it is the perfect carrier for fighting hair loss. The lauric fatty acid it contains protects the hair root, reducing hair loss and promoting new growth. It’s moisturising, has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal qualities, and contains medium-chain triglycerides that help to slow down hair loss. Virgin coconut oil can help nourish and moisturise the hair and scalp, preventing breakage and split ends.

Camellia Oil

A luxurious oil extracted from the tea plant, it is also a carrier oil and not an essential one. Camellia oil is famed for being a beauty secret of geishas for lustrous hair and glowing skin. Camellia oil contains omega-9 fatty acid, vitamins A, B, D, and E. Not only can camellia oil help restore and strengthen damaged hair, it can stimulate the scalp to encourage hair growth while soothing scalp irritation that can hinder hair growth.

Rosemary Essential Oil

A good treatment for dandruff, rosemary oil helps clear up scalp concerns that can slow down hair growth. It’s also perfect for dull or oily hair, as it helps normalize and balance the hair. It can also help prevent split ends, which are a sign of damage to the hair. Rosemary oil is known for its ability to help prevent hair loss and premature baldness by stimulating the hair follicles.

Lavender Essential Oil

A popular essential oil for aromatherapy, lavender oil also has surprising benefits for people suffering from hair loss. Some research indicates that lavender oil can help increase the number of hair follicles, as well as increasing the strength and depth of follicle roots, for more resilient hair.

Essential Oils for Hair Growth: It Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

One of the best ways to make hair regrowth easy is to choose products that already incorporate these powerful essential oils! For many people, the hair loss struggle doesn’t have to be a struggle. Though it’s not effective for everyone, making a simple swap from commercial chemical products to natural shampoos, conditioners, and essential oils for hair growth can make all the difference. The Biconi Hair Revitalising Shampoo Bar and the Biconi Hair Rejuvenating Shampoo Bar are specially formulated with pure ingredients like virgin coconut oil and the Biconi Noni Enzyme to fight hair loss and promote healthy, thick, and shiny hair. Mother Nature provides everything you need for a beautiful head of hair!

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