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Eat Your Way to Healthier Skin and Hair During National Nutrition Month

Eat Your Way to Healthier Skin and Hair During National Nutrition Month

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March is National Nutrition month and a good time to aim toward a healthier you, if you haven't already done so. Making good food choices that are informed as to nutrition and balance can make a difference in your overall health and in the appearance of your skin and hair. Using products that can nourish and revitalize your hair and skin, such as those containing noni, are a good part of your health and beauty routine. Eating a variety of foods rich in nutrients such as needed vitamins and minerals can help give your hair and skin that natural glow while helping to keep you healthy and adding to your energy.

Vitamin C for Skin and Scalp

Vitamin C helps the body produce collagen, which is a major protein in the body. Eating foods rich in vitamin C can also boost the blood supply in the capillaries to the shafts of the hair and is beneficial to the skin. Some foods that contain high amounts of vitamin C are broccoli, sweet potatoes, blueberries, oranges and strawberries.

Vitamin A for the Scalp

The scalp uses vitamin A in its production of sebum from the sebaceous glands. This oily substance is the body's built-in scalp conditioner. Without it, you can have dry hair and scalp that becomes itchy. Good sources of vitamin A include vegetables high in beta-carotene and include yellow, orange and dark green vegetables. Sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkins, bell peppers and lettuce are in this category. Animal proteins such as liver and fish are also good sources.

Healthier skin The right vitamins and minerals can improve your hair.

Vitamin E for Hair and Skin

Vitamin E has been shown to be healthy for hair and skin because it stimulates capillary growth and contains antioxidants that protect against free radicals that can cause damage to cells. Foods that contain high amounts of vitamin E include almonds, sunflower seeds, cooked spinach, safflower oil, pumpkin, asparagus and red peppers.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids for a Healthy Scalp

Because a person's body does not produce omega-3 fatty acids in cells on the scalp, it is necessary to add to one's diet to get omega-3 benefits. Oily fish are good sources of omega-3 and include salmon, sardines and mackerel. Flaxseed and flaxseed oil are the most concentrated sources.

Protein to Strengthen Your Hair

Protein is what your hair is made up of, so if your diet is deficient in protein, it can result in lifeless, dull hair that breaks easily and can cause hair loss. Protein sources are abundant and include meats, beans, eggs, dairy products and nuts.

Important Minerals for Healthy Hair

A shortage of iron in the diet can cause hair loss, so iron is important for healthy hair since the hair roots and follicles require a good blood supply and the hair may start shedding without an adequate supply. Good sources of iron include red meat, fish and chicken, while leafy greens, lentils, broccoli and kale are good vegetable sources. Zinc is also necessary to avoid flaking from the scalp and possible hair loss. Whole grains, red meat, eggs and oysters are good choices.

Biconi Products With Noni for Your Skin and Hair

Eating a balanced, healthy diet can improve your skin and hair and has many other added benefits. Skin and hair products by Biconi, such as Hair Rejuvenating Shampoo Bar and Radiant Skin Facial Cleanser contain natural ingredients, including noni, and are formulated to give your hair a healthy shine and add a glow to your skin that you will love. Shop women's products to learn about the benefits of noni, and start your way to better hair and skin.

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