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Dry Legs? Try These Four Tips

Dry Legs? Try These Four Tips

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Dry, itchy legs can be annoying and unsightly. While this problem is more common in the winter months among those who live in colder climates, it can affect anyone at any age, regardless of where they live. Age can contribute to dryness as skin thins and damage due to aging occurs to the lipid barrier that provides moisture for the skin. But with a few handy tips, your legs can look beautiful from one season to the next, year after year. The secret is a regular regimen that helps prevent drying. By using products containing virgin coconut oil and following a regular beauty routine, you can keep your legs looking silky smooth.

Bathing With Water That Is Too Hot Can Cause Dry Skin

Taking long, hot showers can contribute to dry skin. Showers should be cool or lukewarm, and the time one spends in the shower should be limited to no more than 10 minutes. Following your shower, leave legs damp while applying moisturizer to help seal in the extra moisture.

Use Caution When Choosing a Shower Soap

Using the wrong soaps can contribute to dryness because some soaps are too harsh. Artificial scents, preservatives, chemicals and detergents added to some soaps may make them smell good and offer added benefits, such as antibacterial properties, but can dry the skin. Soaps that contain glycerin, virgin coconut oil or other moisturizers can be a better choice.

Dry skin Exfoliating the legs is one way to remove dead skin cells.

Exfoliating Can Help Invigorate Skin

Using a loofa to remove dead skin cells can start your way toward smooth, silky skin and should be done on a regular basis. Some women may find that shaving is helpful in exfoliating the legs, but keep in mind that shaving can sometimes lead to skin irritation and contribute to dry skin. Dry brushing is another option for exfoliating the skin.

Using Moisturizer

Moisturizers are beneficial for maintaining healthy, smooth skin. They help provide a defense against the development of dry skin that can lead to irritation and discomfort. Because many people experience dry, itchy skin on their legs, moisturizing that area is particularly important. Dry skin on the legs may also include unsightly rashes or nicks from shaving, which can add to the discomfort. Using hair removal or shaving creams can also be a problem since they can contain alcohol or harmful chemicals and can result in drying of the skin. Using a moisturizer with natural ingredients, such as virgin coconut oil, moisturizes the skin and includes natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties to protect and supplement the skin's natural moisture.

Although most people are aware of the importance of proper facial skin care during every season of the year, other areas of the body, including the legs, may be neglected, especially during times when the legs are typically covered. Then it can take extra work to get the legs back in good condition when the weather changes and it's time for wearing shorts or spending time at the beach.

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