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Dry, Damaged Hair? Coconut Oil and Other Fabulous Fixes

Dry, Damaged Hair? Coconut Oil and Other Fabulous Fixes

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Is your hair brittle, frizzy and losing its shine and looking washed out? Hair can easily become dry and damaged when you spend too much time in the hot sun, at the pool or beach, or styling your hair with heat and the wrong products. It can be frustrating to know how great your hair can look, but have to deal with less than great-looking hair.

The good news is, there are lots of things you can do to help hair recover its moisture and shine. Many experts advise washing dry hair less often, usually no more than three times per week. Washing and styling hair too often strips it of its natural oils, making dryness worse.

What to Use, and When

It is important to treat your hair before, during, and after you wash it. Before shampooing, a deep conditioning treatment will help put moisture back into hair. There are many deep conditioning treatments on the market, but one of the best deep conditioners is plain virgin coconut oil. The unique lipid profile of unprocessed coconut oil allows it to slip into the hair shaft and provide moisture as well as nutrients.

For shampoo, using a gentle natural shampoo or one that has natural oils in it will cleanse hair without stripping it of moisture. The best way to wash hair is to gently work into a lather without rubbing too hard. Biconi's Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo contains no harsh chemicals but does have coconut oil and noni extract to help keep hair hydrated and healthy.

Coconut oil

After shampooing, use a natural conditioner with oils to add moisture to hair. Biconi's Hair Repair Conditioner also contains virgin coconut oil to leave hair moisturized. If you towel dry your hair, be especially gentle. Rubbing hair vigorously can remove moisture and make hair frizzy when it dries. Patting hair to dry is best. Some like to gently wrap their hair in an absorbent towel or hair turban to absorb the excess water.

Some who have dry hair like to use a leave-in conditioner. They feel that it helps hair stay hydrated between shampoos and protects hair from damage. Some leave-in conditioners will cause hair to be limp and to attract dirt, but others are more effective at protecting hair.

How to Style Hair

Air drying is always best for dry hair. If you must use heat to style your hair, using a protective spray is recommended. Also, avoid using straighteners and curling irons on hair that is damp or wet, as it can scorch hair and damage it further. If hair is very dry, using a small amount of coconut oil can be effective, but it can also make hair greasy, so try it first to see how your hair reacts.

Use a brush only on dry hair. If you must brush wet hair, use a wide tooth comb to detangle hair.

Biconi also sells 100% Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil for use as a hair mask or leave-in conditioner. Virgin coconut oil is superior to refined oil because the refining process changes the lipid profile of the oil so that it can't absorb as well into hair.

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