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Do's and Don'ts of Men's Skin Care: Noni and More

Do's and Don'ts of Men's Skin Care: Noni and More

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Women aren't the only ones who want their skin to look great. Men don't want to see wrinkles or age spots, either. The difference is, most men aren't taught how to take care of their skin like their female counterparts, and many are also socialized to think that putting anything on their face is just not "manly."

The truth is, with just a little effort and know-how, men can improve the look of their skin without compromising their masculinity. Some common-sense steps will keep damage at bay and, in some cases, even help to heal it.

A Basic Routine

Yes, men do need to wash their faces on a regular basis. Use a natural cleanser without chemicals or alcohol, and follow up with a moisturizer. Yes, they make them just for men now. If you want a more natural option, some virgin coconut oil can hydrate skin as well as any moisturizer.

A good natural cleanser is Biconi's Radiant Skin Natural Cleanser. It contains no parabens, sulfates or alcohol, but it does have noni, a tropical superfruit that has been shown to soothe and heal damaged skin, and virgin coconut oil to nourish your skin.

Once a week, it's good to exfoliate, which removes dead skin cells from your skin that can clog your pores and cause acne. A natural way to exfoliate is to take some salt or sugar and mix in a little coconut oil. Scrub your face with the mixture and rinse off thoroughly.

Noni Using moisturizer may seem counterintuitive for most men, but it makes a big difference in skin quality.

Daily Protection

The main source of skin damage for most men is the sun. Many men don't use sunscreen regularly, but you can use a moisturizer with sunscreen already in it and kill two birds with one stone. Protecting your skin from sun damage can make you look years younger over time.

Another way to get great-looking skin without putting anything on your face is to make sure you stay hydrated. Drinking enough water, about 6 to 8 glasses each day, will prevent skin puffiness and sagging from a lack of water. Furthermore, following a sound diet lower in sugar and higher in fruits and vegetables can also prevent inflammation that can make skin look red and puffy.

It might seem a little obvious to point out that following a healthy lifestyle helps your skin be healthier, but these practices can make a big difference. One last bit of advice is to get enough sleep each night. Not only do you get bags under your eyes if you are tired, but being sleep-deprived also prevents your cells from having enough time to fix daily wear and tear.

These lifestyle habits can mean the difference between looking older and maintaining your youthful complexion. Even your level of stress can affect your hormone levels and cause wrinkles and breakouts. Finding some time to do what you enjoy can actually benefit your skin, of all unlikely things.

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