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Dealing With Damaged Hair? Use Coconut Oil Hair Treatment ...

Dealing With Damaged Hair? Use Coconut Oil Hair Treatment ...

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Damage to hair can happen for a variety of reasons. Some illnesses and certain medications can leave hair dry and brittle. Chemical processes like perms, bleaching and color treatments can also make hair prone to breakage and dry the hair and scalp. When the scalp is not healthy, hair may not grow properly or may fall out in greater quantity. The scalp is also more prone to infections and conditions like dandruff when damage occurs.

Daily use of hair dryers, rollers and straighteners can damage hair because of the heat involved. Heat applied repeatedly to hair deprives it of the moisture it needs, making it appear thin and limp. When hair is dehydrated, it is more prone to breakage and split ends.

Damaged hair often happens because of efforts to make hair look better, but the effect is quite the opposite. Coconut oil, a natural product that is made entirely from coconuts, is a uniquely effective treatment for damaged hair that can restore hair to a healthier state.

Why Coconut Oil Works

Because it contains medium chain fatty acids like lauric acid, the molecular structure of coconut oil does more than coat hair. Hair appears thicker and shinier, protein loss is halted, and oil absorbs into the hair shaft, filling it so that no damaging substances can penetrate.

The antifungal nature of coconut oil combats dandruff, and the antimicrobial properties will kill lice and eggs. It is also naturally antibacterial and antiviral to help heal any other scalp infections that may occur.

How To Do A Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

To treat damaged hair, apply coconut oil as follows:

--Use less oil for thinner hair, more for thicker hair.

--Use virgin coconut oil for best results - refined oil does not have the same structure that is so beneficial for hair. Biconi's Virgin Coconut Oil is 100% cold pressed for maximum purity.

--Warm the oil in a bowl of warm water to liquify it (the oil solidifies at a room temperature of about 75 degrees).

--Apply warmed oil to hair and scalp, sectioning hair if necessary to make sure all parts of hair are covered.

--Leave oil on hair for 30 minutes to overnight, depending on the extent of hair damage and the thickness of hair. Very thick, coarse hair needs longer soaking. Hair may be covered with a shower cap, and gentle heat, like a warm, wet towel, may be applied during the treatment.

--Use a gentle, natural shampoo like Biconi Hair Rejuvenating Shampoo to rinse the coconut oil out of hair. Avoid shampoos with harsh chemicals, since these may have contributed to the damage.

--If hair seems greasy, you may need to wash hair more than once to remove the coconut oil.

--If conditioner is needed after washing out the coconut oil, Biconi's Hair
Repair Conditioner
has no chemicals, alcohol or animal products to add to hair's damage or re-damage hair.

For best results, repeat coconut oil hair treatment 1-2 times per week until damage is repaired, then at least once per month. Coconut oil works best to repair damage and promote a healthy scalp and hair when used regularly.

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Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

How To Use Coconut Oil For Hair

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