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Combat Winter with Coconut Oil for Skin

Combat Winter with Coconut Oil for Skin

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When winter comes, it is the cold that many people complain about. But there's another set of people who can't stand the winter months because of what happens to their skin. However, winter skin becomes a thing of the past once you introduce coconut oil into your daily routine.

What is Winter Skin?

When winter comes, most people have to deal with dry living conditions. Heaters take much of the moisture out of the air inside homes and offices. The dry air can cause dry nasal passages, throats, and skin. Many people slather lotion on all throughout the day to combat winter skin, but the effects don't seem to last.

If you don't want to set up humidifiers all throughout your home and keep yourself coated in various lotions, try a more natural approach with coconut oil.

Using coconut oil for skin dryness can make a world of difference.

How Does Coconut Oil Work?

Coconut oil is full of vitamin E, fatty acids, and proteins. These elements help protect, repair, and heal the skin. As a result, skin appears softer and healthier. Plus, the dryness of winter isn't as problematic. That means dry, cracked elbows and ashy arms and legs are a thing of the past once coconut oil is used.

When applying coconut oil to the skin, the healthy elements found in the oil absorb into the skin and start moisturizing and repairing the tissue almost immediately.

As an added benefit, coconut oil can also be used in the hair. The hair is not immune from winter dryness and many people find that they suffer from dry, brittle, and frizzy hair in the colder months. Using coconut oil products in the hair help heal and soften the cuticle, so that hair is as manageable and healthy as possible.

Biconi Products Help with Winter Skin

Biconi offers a variety of products that can be used to help fix the drying effects of winter. The family-owned company offers all-natural solid shampoo fortified with coconut oil to help remedy and protect against dry hair. They also have a conditioner with coconut oil in it so that the hair retains all of its moisture.

The facial cleanser and moisturizer both are made from coconut oil and help keep the skin protected from the cold dry air of winter.

Biconi products can be helpful for people of all ages, so the entire family should be able to combat winter skin easily.

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DanaRasmussen">Dana Rasmussen writes about the benefits of all-natural products. She is a huge fan of coconut oil and uses it daily.

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