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Coconut Oil Hair Treatment for Thinning Hair

Coconut Oil Hair Treatment for Thinning Hair

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Thinning hair is something that can occur with aging. Depletion of certain hormones after childbirth can cause women to lose hair temporarily at this time as well. Whatever the reason for thinning hair to occur, it is something most people find distressing when it happens to them.

There are many treatments for thinning hair on the market today, but one of the most effective (and affordable) uses coconut oil to stop hair loss and promote regrowth. With regular use, it is possible to both stimulate new hair growth and improve the appearance of hair as it regrows.

Coconut Oil Helps Hair Grow

This natural oil improves blood circulation, which helps hair follicles get the nutrients and oxygen they need. Once hair follicles are healthy and stimulated, new growth can occur. It is also antibacterial and antifungal. These properties can protect hair against dandruff, head lice, and scalp infections that can keep hair from growing properly.

Unlike commercial hair products, coconut oil is completely natural and contains no harmful chemicals that could further damage hair. Not only is it not harmful, the vitamins and antioxidants in the oil enrich hair so that it is healthier and stronger.

Coconut Oil Helps Hair Look Fuller

As people age, hair follicles get smaller, which makes the hairs that grow out of them thinner. Thinner hair is more prone to breakage, and is harder to style. Using coconut oil on hair will maximize the fullness of hair. This natural oil contains lauric acid capric acid, and caprylic acid, which have the right shape to absorb into hair rather than just sit on the surface.
Thin, weak hair is more prone to dryness and breakage. Coconut oil is one of the best moisturizers; regular use strengthens hair to prevent breakage.

Treating hair with this healthy ingredient is a great way for postpartum women to help hair regrow after childbirth. Postpartum hair loss is usually a temporary condition, so hair will begin to regrow naturally a few months after delivery. Coconut oil can help hair look its best until that happens.


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How to Use Coconut Oil as a Hair Treatment

As a pre-wash treatment: Apply the oil to your scalp generously, rubbing into scalp gently for about 5 minutes. Leave on your hair for 30 minutes to 4 hours, then wash out with your regular shampoo.

While shampooing: Mix oil into shampoo or conditioner and use as normal. A 50/50 ratio of shampoo or conditioner to coconut oil works well, but more or less can be used. This method works well when time is short for soaking hair, but the best effect is usually achieved when some time for the oil to soak into hair is given.

After shampooing: Apply a small amount of oil to ends of hair and rub in. Applying coconut oil to scalp and through hair can be effective for especially coarse and unmanageable hair, but for thinner hair, applying oil after shampooing can make hair limp and oily-looking.

Biconi's hair care products can be an effective way to get the benefits of coconut oil without the greasiness it can often cause.


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  • I want to try coconut oil to my hair, it’s gone baby fine just fluff really no strength at all, loads comes out or breaks daily! However I have also read about it not being so good too? What do you do?

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