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Coconut Oil For Hair Growth? A Natural Solution

Coconut Oil For Hair Growth? A Natural Solution

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Hair loss is a natural part of life. As we become older, our scalp and hair go through changes caused by hormone changes, illnesses, and chemical exposure. Up to 80 percent of men experience hair loss by age 70, and a significant number of women also have hair loss or thinner hair as they age.

There is a natural solution to the problem of hair loss. Virgin coconut oil has many properties that have been scientifically proven to stop and sometimes reverse hair loss, causing new hair to grow.

Coconut oil has similar properties to sebum, a natural oil produced by healthy skin, including on the scalp. Sebum coats and protects the scalp to prevent flaking, dryness and infections. When sebum is removed or isn't produced by the skin, the scalp becomes unhealthy and hair loss can result.

The chemicals in many shampoos strip hair of its natural sebum, and illnesses or infections can interfere with sebum production. Virgin coconut oil can replace lost sebum to get the scalp healthy again. As the oil is massaged in hair follicles are stimulated, and in some instances, new hair may grow. In this way, coconut oil can help prevent hair loss and can even help new hair grow.

Scientific studies support the effectiveness of coconut oil for preventing damage to hair. The Journal of Cosmetic Science reports that when compared to two other common hair care ingredients, sunflower oil and mineral oil, coconut oil prevented protein loss far more effectively.

While coconut oil is helping the scalp return to optimal condition, it also penetrates the hair shaft to make existing hair appear fuller and thicker. Additionally, it hydrates hair to help prevent breakage. The hair and scalp can be soaked in coconut oil for 1 to 12 hours before shampooing, or used after shampooing as a leave-in conditioning treatment. It can make hair greasy, so experiment to see what helps your hair the most.

Beyond just hair care, coconut oil is extremely useful for all types of beauty applications. In the same way that it keeps the scalp healthy and hydrates hair, it can be used on the face and skin all over to moisturize and protect it. Although it is an oil, it can help clear acne because of the way it brings balance to the skin. It also helps reduce redness due to rashes and burns.

Instead of buying many different kinds of health and beauty products, it is possible to buy just virgin coconut oil to use in many different ways. It is an effective makeup remover, cleanser, moisturizer, and wrinkle reducer. Combining it with other simple ingredients can give you deodorant, body scrub, and toothpaste as well. Coconut oil makes an excellent carrier oil for essential oils that may be too strong to use alone. And of course, cooking with virgin coconut oil is an effective way to nourish the body as well.

Coconut oil

Biconi offers 100% Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil for use in stopping hair loss or any of the other suggestions given here. Biconi's hair care solutions, Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo and Hair Repair Conditioner, also contain virgin coconut oil along with other beneficial ingredients to nourish hair and encourage regrowth. As always, Biconi products contain no harsh chemicals or animal products.

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