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Choosing The Best Natural Skincare Gifts

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Dos and Don’ts: Choosing the Best Natural Skin Care Gifts (keyword: natural skin care gifts)

Choosing gifts can be lots of fun—but it can also be extremely difficult and stressful. Unless you’ve been told exactly what friends and family want, you’ll have to do some guesswork and clever thinking to pick out the right gifts. Skin care products can be a perfect choice for some on your list, but the options are endless. How do you choose? It doesn’t have to be a struggle! Here are some dos and don’ts for picking out the perfect natural skin care gifts for your loved ones.

Do: Give Gifts You Feel Good About

What would you put on your skin? Use the same criteria when choosing gifts. Always choose natural skin care gifts with gentle formulas, made from high-quality ingredients. Giving gifts you feel good about will help you find the right products to pass along. Aside from the ingredients themselves, always try to choose organic, ethically produced products your friends and family will be happy to use. Cruelty-free is at the top of everyone’s list!

Do: Think Bundles

What good is shampoo without conditioner? If you’re shopping for skin care gifts, don’t forget how great bundled products can be. Got a friend who has confided to you about hair loss or troubled skin? Consider a bundle like the Biconi Natural Shampoo Bar & Conditioner bundle or the Natural Face Cleanser & Glow Facial Serum bundle, which can help improve the skin and hair. Bundles usually work well for most skin and hair types, and represent some of the most popular products in a company’s line. Bundles are often formed as an introduction to these products, and are usually a great value.

Do: Go DIY

It’s a fact that homemade gifts are often the most thoughtful and creative—and the most appreciated. Using a few simple ingredients like virgin coconut oil and essential oils, you can craft your own natural skin care gifts that smell great and work even better! Virgin coconut body butter, sugar scrubs, lip balm—the possibilities are endless, and there are thousands of recipes available online to give you the inspiration you need to get started. Don’t forget pretty packaging to make your DIY masterpieces look great too.

Do: Recall Your Conversations

Think back on your casual conversations with your friends. What have they said? Have they complained about their skin in the past? Is there a product you can think of that would help solve that problem? If you can, you’ll be able to come up with a thoughtful gift that’s hard to beat. If your friend is struggling with a problem like acne or hair loss, there are some wonderful solutions you can give to make their life easier, and they’ll be touched you remembered.

Don’t: Offend with Gifts

Is your mother sensitive about her age? Make sure she won’t be offended if you wrap up a serum that packs an antioxidant punch. While it’s a nice gesture that would make some recipients very happy, it’s important to know your audience and gift accordingly. Don’t offend with your gifts, and err on the side of caution when necessary to avoid an awkward situation. Thoughtful gifts can easily be interpreted as judgmental, and that’s the last thing you want your gift to say!

Don’t: Make Assumptions

Making assumptions is a great way to fall into the trap of offending with your gifts. Don’t make assumptions about what scents or formulas will be best. It’s better to give more universal gifts that work for all skin types and mild scents over specific formulas if you’re not sure what your friends and family like. Try to find out if there are any allergies as well if you can. Visiting? That’s a good time to casually check out the bathroom and see what kind of products and scents they’re already using as a guideline. People can be very picky about the scents they like!

Don’t: Buy Without Reading the Label

It may seem obvious, but it’s easy to find an eye-catching product and order without thinking—or looking at the label. Do a little research, and make sure the ingredients really are all-natural. Can’t pronounce the ingredients? It may not be as natural as you think. The label should let you know exactly what is—and isn’t in the product, and how it was produced.

The Perfect Gift

Natural skin care gifts are versatile, because just about everyone needs them. If you’re stumped trying to figure out the perfect gift, consider an all-natural soap, lotion, or facial treatment that nourishes skin of all types. With a little thought and creativity, you can choose the perfect gift for everyone on your list—without having to ask their preferences and giving the surprise away.

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