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The Chinese New Year Treats That are Good for Skin

The Chinese New Year Treats That are Good for Skin

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It’s that time of year again—the tempting treats surround you, and you can’t help but indulge, even though you know that all those snacks aren’t the best for your skin. Now, we’re not suggesting that you cut out the celebrations and forget the food you love—but if you feel guilty every February and your skin feels worse, it might be time to focus on the good for skin food that appears on the table each year and leave the guilty pleasures to others.

Which treats are kind to your body and can actually help your skin? Let’s take a look.


The classic raw fish dish boasts tons of benefits, since it’s made with good for skin food like veggies and fish containing omega-3 fatty acids. Fresh veggies give you the nutrients your skin needs to replenish skin cells and look younger. Yusheng has the benefit of fresh whole ingredients, skipping out on the fried, sugary foods that make skin look worse.

Fresh Steamed Fish

The traditional whole steamed fish is an auspicious, essential dish—and a healthy one! Though this dish lacks the excitement of the elaborate layered meals or the sweet and salty snacks that are also a big part of Chinese New Year, a fresh fish can make a steamed preparation taste delicious! When you serve this as part of your celebration, and you may see more interest than you’d expect


Seafood has immense health benefits, and abalone is a luxurious, healthy treat during New Year celebrations. Abalone is an anti-inflammatory, helping to prevent early aging, and contains essentials like omega-3s, iodine, and phosphorus, all of which contribute to overall health. Serve abalone with veggie-rich dishes to boost the health benefits even more!

Melon and Pumpkin Seeds

Did you know that those addictive little seeds you eat during the New Year are actually packed full of GREAT nutrients for your skin? They are! Amino acids, zinc, vitamin E, and minerals all pack a punch in these tiny snacks and help your skin keep its healthy glow.

Steamed Dumplings

Dumplings are delicious any way you prepare them, so why not cut down on the steps that increase your body’s inflammation (frying them!). Yes, crispy dumplings are to-die-for, but the steamed variety are very tasty too, and much healthier. Up the skin-friendliness of these treats by preparing them as vegetarian snacks and skipping the popular pork filling. Don’t worry, you’ll still love them!

Buddha’s Delight & Buddha Jumps Over the Wall

A traditional veggie dish and a veggie soup—what’s not to like? Your skin will like these options too, getting a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals that keep it looking young and fresh. Use tradition to your advantage and spend most of the celebrations eating vegetarian—you’ll look and feel great!

What to Avoid

What do most of the dishes above have in common? They’re good for skin food based on fish and vegetables and made from whole, unrefined ingredients. Sugar, fried food, and white rice and flour are all best avoided during your Lunar New Year celebrations if you’re worried about your skin’s health. Besides being a source of just “empty calories,” these foods can wreak havoc on your skin. Both sugar and fried foods damage the skin’s collagen and elastin by causing inflammation in the body, which forces these vital proteins to break down more quickly, causing the skin to age prematurely.

Enjoy Your New Year!

As you can see, there are so many healthy options hidden in plain sight during Chinese New Year, and you don’t have to deprive yourself. But what about your favorite sweet and salty snacks? The guilty pleasures?

The Chinese New Year Treats That are Good for Skin Lights

While it’s important to consider your health during the celebrations, remember to let yourself indulge once or twice. You’ll miss the pineapple tarts, nian gao, and bak kwa if you let them pass you by, and you don’t want to spend the year regretting what you didn’t eat as much as what you did! Balance and the occasional treat is what’s key to both enjoying your holiday and avoiding damage to your skin that could take months to fix.

Be mindful and enjoy your holiday—taking care of your skin is a year-long commitment that involves eating good for skin food, leading a healthy lifestyle, and using all natural products. If you do overindulge? Don’t beat yourself up—use a product like the Biconi Glow Facial Serum with the antioxidant power to help get your skin back on track.

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