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Caring for Baby's Skin With Virgin Coconut Oil and Noni

Caring for Baby's Skin With Virgin Coconut Oil and Noni

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Newborn skin: when it is healthy, it is soft and beautiful to see, smell and touch. Parents and grandparents marvel at its youthfulness. But infant skin is also sensitive and prone to rashes and other problems. Taking care of baby's skin can take a little know-how. That's where this post comes in.

Common Infant Skin Problems

--Baby acne. Usually caused by a temporary hormone fluctuation right after childbirth, baby acne should clear up on its own after a few weeks. Sometimes sebaceous glands are sensitive or overactive and can cause a more prolonged case. Avoiding thick moisturizers and baby oil, which blocks pores, is recommended, but unless acne is severe or lasts a long time, gentle cleansing should be all that's needed.

--Diaper rash. Chemicals in baby's diapers, wipes, or bath soaps can cause diaper rash, as well as waiting too long to change baby after diapers are wet or soiled. Sometimes new foods can cause a rash, since the foods change baby's stools. Zinc oxide ointments and even coconut oil can help, as well as avoiding perfumes and dyes. See your pediatrician if the rash is severe or persists longer than a week.

--Eczema. Different from other rashes, eczema often appears around the three month mark and can spread from the cheeks to the folds of the neck, arms and legs. Eczema is related to allergies and can be a lifelong condition. Avoiding allergens in bath products, laundry detergent and skin creams can sometimes help this condition.

Virgin coconut oil Using natural products on your baby helps prevent rashes and skin problems.


Bathing Sensitive Skin

Babies with sensitive skin are more prone to rashes of all kinds. Bathing too often is usually more of a problem than too seldom, since overbathing can dry out the skin and disrupt its delicate balance.

Two to three times a week is a good frequency for bathing infants. Warm, not hot water should be used, and baby should be washed gently. Using a cotton ball to wash baby's face is recommended for better control and even more softness.

The skin is a permeable membrane, which means that substances can be absorbed through it. Any substance that you put on baby's skin will get into the body. In the case of chemicals, this can be a bad thing and contribute to the problems listed above. Many chemicals in hair and skin products have drying effects, which can make rashes worse.

Using a soap that is free from chemicals and dyes can help babies with sensitive skin and prevent skin from breaking out in a rash. Biconi's Baby Soap (Head to Toe Cleanser) not only avoids harmful chemicals that can damage baby's skin or cause allergic reactions, but it actually contains several ingredients that are beneficial to a baby's delicate skin.

Noni enzyme comes from a tropical fruit high in antioxidants but gentle enough for baby's skin. Noni is especially helpful for healing rashes and damaged skin. Virgin coconut oil is another gentle ingredient that helps soothe and moisturize skin. Essential oils like rosemary and cinnamon have antibacterial properties to help protect against infection.

With Biconi's Baby Soap, you can rest easy that you are helping baby's skin be as healthy as it can be.

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