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Benefits of Coconut Oil as a Makeup Remover

Benefits of Coconut Oil as a Makeup Remover

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There are many benefits of coconut oil; it should definitely be a staple item in any woman's health and beauty regime. With one bottle in your bedroom, one by the bath or shower, another in the kitchen, and a mini version in your pocket book, you're all set.

Here, There, Everywhere

Some women use coconut oil for their bodies, skin and hair, to wash, moisturize and heal, without ever using anything else. It's nature's original all-purpose beauty elixir.

Coconut Oil as Make-up Remover

One of the best-kept coconut oil secrets is using coconut oil as a make-up remover. Yes, many women have found that it's much more gentle and far more effective than the expensive ready-made formulas out there.

Leaving makeup on any longer than you need to can clog pores. Even if you have great skin already and can tolerate make up for hours on end, you want to let skin breathe and give it as much moisture and TLC as you possibly can to keep it young and happy.

Coconut oil can keep skin gorgeous and soft, while helping you avoid break outs.

Coconut oil
Virgin coconut oil is your skin's best friend.

Easy Steps for Removal

1. Remove your eye make up first: Apply some coconut oil to a soft towel, pad or cotton ball, and work very gently over eyelids and eyelashes to remove eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara.

2. Steam your pores: You don't have to have a steam machine or anything complicated to steam your pores. Simply run hot water in your sink for a good five minutes, then drape a towel over your head and enjoy. This opens the pores so that make-up rises to the surface of your skin for easy cleaning.

3. Remove your lip color. Apply a tiny dab of coconut oil to your lips, gently rubbing it in using circular motions. If there's excess afterwards, blot with a tissue.

4. Gently wash your face. Pour a small amount of coconut oil into your palm, rub your hands together for a moment, then massage coconut oil into your forehead, cheeks, chin and jaw line. Rub gently and rinse.

5. Remove any lingering eye make up. Eye makeup seems to stick around longer than other makeup, still running down your face when you thought it was long gone. Take a moment to use coconut oil to dab out the rest of the eyeliner and mascara, for an ultra clean face. It will be very easy to remove at this point.

6. Close your pores. Splash your face with some cold water. It may startle you, but it feels great.

7. Pat dry and moisturize. Gently pat your face dry, and massage a little coconut oil in for overnight moisture and healing.

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