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Beauty Tips from Blake Lively

Beauty Tips from Blake Lively

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Actress and new mom Blake Lively is known for her style and beauty -- and especially for her perfectly tousled blonde tresses. With her typical nonchalance, recent Gucci perfume model Lively gives some insight into how she keeps her hair healthy and what makes the perfect tousle.

Left to her own devices, Lively says that she doesn't really use tools on her hair, per se. "I like to air-dry . . . because tools are used on my hair enough through work," she says. "So I really like to preserve the health of my hair [when I am off]."

When pressed, Lively admits to putting her slightly damp hair into a ballerina bun with just a touch of mousse in it, then releasing it after a few hours. "It has a deep, wide wave. Just a slight one - it gives it a little more bounce so it doesn't dry flat."

Lively also admits to bringing home ocean water to drizzle on her hair to give it a beachy look at home. "It's probably a really bad idea," she admits, "but it actually works. It makes your hair a little crunchier and holds it a little better." Talk to your hairstylist before trying this one at home.

When asked how she keeps her hair soft, Lively shares this tip: "Coconut oil is actually really great. My mom . . . she'd always put oil from her ears down and just shampoo the head. The oil would naturally wash out in the shower because the shampoo trickles down, but you're not drying out the hair." Keeping the oil off the scalp is the trick to keeping hair hydrated without it looking oily, she advises.

If your scalp is dry, however, coconut oil can help that as well when applied directly. Using coconut oil as a mask to leave on hair for a few hours can do wonders to reverse the damage sun and chlorine can cause.

Lively prefers a natural look to one that is overly done or made up. "For me, beauty is about however you feel the most yourself. When I wear a lot of makeup, I don't feel like me. . . . I always prefer things to be more natural and effortless."

She goes on to comment, "What I normally respond to is when someone looks really effortless and deconstructed, beauty-wise, and their fashion is really grand."

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