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Bathing Your Baby: Head to Toe Clean

Bathing Your Baby: Head to Toe Clean

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Giving your baby a bath is a special time of bonding and soothing touch. Bath time is a good way for baby to relax at the end of the day and get ready for bedtime. Here are some tips for gently and safely bathing baby.

Keeping Baby Safe at Bath Time

There are all kinds of special baby bathtubs for sale that can help bathe baby, mainly because your regular bathtub is cold, hard, and not as safe for baby. The kitchen sink could be another safe place to bathe baby and could save your back from bending over painfully. Most baby tubs are padded, and the kitchen sink could be made softer by placing a towel in it.

It is important to test the water temperature before placing baby in it to make sure it's not too hot or cold. Water that feels slightly warm to your touch will be just right for baby. A bath thermometer is probably not needed.

Keeping hold of your baby while bathing is also very important. Infants may not have good head control, and even if they seem like they can't move around much, they can easily slip under even just a few inches of water and get into a dangerous situation that they can't get out of. You should never leave your baby alone even for a minute in any amount of water.

The Particulars of Baby Bath Time

Some parents like to bathe baby every day, but a few times a week is all that's needed. The room should be comfortably warm, and fans can be turned off while the bath is taking place. It is best not to bathe baby right after a feeding, so wait a little while to start the bath.

Having a towel, diapers and clean clothes or pajamas nearby will help baby warm up once the bath is over. Baby oil or lotion is not usually needed, but virgin coconut oil can be used if skin is dry or baby has a rash.

Bathing your baby As baby gets older, sitting up in a tub is a fun way to bathe.

Mild soap and a soft washcloth should be used to bathe baby. Biconi's Baby Soap (Head to Toe Cleanser) contains virgin coconut oil, noni extract and essential oils to keep baby's skin healthy without harmful chemicals that are found in many baby soaps. Use plain water to wash baby's face.

No special attention needs to be given to the diaper area, which is cleaned at each diaper change anyway. Just wash as normal and rinse the washcloth.

You only need a few inches of water to bathe baby. Pour cupfuls of water over baby to keep the skin warm during the bath. Rinse the soap off thoroughly after bathing, then wrap baby in a towel to dry off and warm up.

Never use adult soap on baby, as it can irritate delicate baby skin and the eyes if it gets into them. Some babies are sensitive to dyes and perfumes, so be sure to avoid those if your baby has a rash or if skin seems irritated. Biconi's Baby Soap is free of dyes and perfumes to keep baby's skin soft and comfortable.

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