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Baby's Skin in Winter: Concerns and Solutions

Baby's Skin in Winter: Concerns and Solutions

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Baby's skin is always sensitive, but winter poses unique challenges for keeping it healthy and preventing dryness and irritation. While winter can bring concerns, there are things you can do to protect baby's skin and keep it in optimal condition.

Proper Temperature Protection

Many parents make one of two mistakes in protecting baby's skin from winter weather: they either expose baby's skin to too much cold, or dress baby so warmly that it's uncomfortable. Both of these situations can cause skin problems for baby.

Baby's skin is more prone to wind rashes, winter sunburn, and even frostbite from being exposed to the elements. Frostbitten skin will look whitish or gray and requires immediate assistance from a doctor or pediatrician, but wind rash or winter sunburn can be treated with gentle moisturizers or even virgin coconut oil, which will reduce redness and heal the burned area gently. Protecting baby's skin with proper clothing, sunscreen, and even a stroller cover will prevent future problems.

When baby is dressed too warmly, heat rash can result. Giving baby a bath in lukewarm water can relieve itching and help the rash go away more quickly. In a Parents magazine article, dermatologist Dr. Robert D. Greenburg of Vernon, Connecticut, advises, "Avoid soap or shampoo that contains fragrance or alcohol." Natural products free of chemicals that can further dry or irritate the skin are best for baby in winter and any time of the year.

Skin in winter Strollers can offer some protection from winter winds that can dry baby's skin.

Keeping Dryness at Bay

Winter air is dry and can't hold moisture as well as at other times of the year. Dry skin can be flaky or itchy, and skin conditions like eczema can flare up more often during winter's dryer months. Using gentle cleansers without chemicals can help with dryness. Products that contain plant extracts like noni, a tropical fruit from Southeast Asia, can provide healing vitamins to skin to keep it hydrated and healthy. If eczema persists, your pediatrician may have other helpful suggestions as well.

To help any kind of rash clear up faster, give baby's skin a few minutes of (warm) air each day. Being constantly covered up in the winter can be just as bad as being exposed to the cold.

Don't Overdo It

As parents, we often want to protect our babies from anything that can harm them. Sometimes we go overboard and our efforts can actually do more harm than good. A simple routine of gentle bathing a few times a week with a natural, chemical-free cleanser, daily sun protection for exposed skin, and dressing baby in protective layers when you do have to go outside can be all that is needed to keep baby's skin looking and feeling great through the winter. The general rule is to dress baby in one more layer than you would need for yourself, and if baby seems red, sweaty or uncomfortable when inside, take off a layer at a time until he is more comfortable.

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