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Baby Boomers Go Natural with Virgin Coconut Oil

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The baby boomer generation is one of the largest in history - and they are a consumer generation. Baby boomers have had unprecedented market share for many years. As the baby boomer generation ages, many are discovering for themselves that spending more money on health care and beauty products doesn't always lead to better results.

Baby boomers are by nature skeptical. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Companies have spent fortunes trying to woo the boomer market to their products, but if research doesn't back up their claims, they often fail to make the cut with boomers. Companies who expect to claim their part of the boomer market had better offer quality as well as value.

A Healthy, Economical Alternative to Anti-Aging

When it comes to anti-aging products, there is no scarcity of advertisements for beauty creams costing thirty to fifty dollars or more. Baby boomers are savvy consumers, though. They do their research, and research has shown them that a very simple, natural product can meet all their needs for a fraction of the price.

Virgin coconut oil is available for less than $10 for a jar far larger than most anti-aging creams, yet it has all kinds of health benefits and is all natural as well. The anti-oxidants and nutrients contained in coconut oil combined with its softening power make it the perfect anti-aging moisturizer. Coconut oil can also combat irritation and redness, including the rosacea that is common among this age group.

Dozens of Uses for One Natural Product

Coconut oil is also a wonderful makeup remover that can even cleanse the face at the same time. Some women use it over their makeup to highlight their cheekbones and give their faces a little bit of sheen.

Another great use for coconut oil is as a body scrub, which is easy to make using salt or sugar. For boomers busy with work or grandchildren, there are many new products being offered that contain coconut oil, including skin care, toothpaste, deodorant, and many others.

Studies are even underway that show promising results in treating Alzheimer's disease with coconut oil (please follow a doctor's advice when treating any medical condition).

When Coconut Oil is too Much

Virgin coconut oil has health benefits for hair as well. Just a bit of coconut oil can make hair shinier and more manageable as well as heal up split ends. But coconut oil by itself can make hair and skin too oily for some. Using one of the Biconi products made with coconut oil among other ingredients can give skin and hair just the right amount of benefits without any of the oiliness.

Coconut Oil products are perfect for baby boomers looking for natural ways to bring out the best in their hair and skin. The benefits of coconut oil products are numerous and proven. Boomers are finding them to be great additions to their health and beauty repertoires.


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