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Avoid Damaging Effects of Shaving with These Coconut Oil Benefits

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Most of us, men and women alike, have a love-hate relationship with shaving. We love the smooth look and feel of freshly shaved skin, but hate how dry our skin gets after shaving. Then there are the nicks and cuts that sometimes happen no matter how careful we are.

Even the most moisturizing shave creams just don't seem to do a good job restoring the silkiness of our skin. And most men's aftershaves contain alcohol, which actually prevents newly shaved skin from healing. So we use multiple products to achieve the desired effect - products containing harsh chemicals that often do more harm than good.

A Natural Solution

Coconut oil is a natural product that can fulfill all our shaving needs. Coconut oil solves all the problems caused by stripping the skin's protective layer off with the unwanted hair. With just one product and no added chemicals, the shaving experience is transformed from risky and time consuming to hassle free.

Virgin coconut oil is typically organic and pure, containing no unpronounceable chemicals or additives of any kind. In addition, coconut oil contains high levels of antioxidants and vitamins that are absorbed into skin when coconut oil is applied.

Healing and Protecting Skin

In addition to being a moisturizer, coconut oil adds its own protective layer to skin to avoid invasion by bacteria or microbes that can cause infection. Coconut oil is antibacterial and antimicrobial, so skin stays healthy and infection can't gain a foothold.

The nutrients in coconut oil will nourish skin and help heal any minor cuts or scrapes that occur from shaving or even just from daily life. What shaving cream or even skin lotion can promise this, with no chemicals or other additives?

Using Coconut Oil To Shave

It is easy to use coconut oil to shave.

For women: Simply rub a small amount of coconut oil on your legs right after showering. Use a good sharp razor, and rinse or wipe the blade between strokes so it doesn't get too slippery. Make sure to wipe the tub after use so that it isn't slippery when you take your next bath or shower. Although some may miss the lather created by commercial shaving creams, coconut oil's benefits more than make up for this lack.

For men: Since a lather is more necessary to a man's shave, adding a few drops of coconut oil to a natural shaving cream will help moisturize while shaving with a nice sharp blade to avoid nicks. Using coconut oil as an aftershave balm also has great results that can't be matched by other products.

Coconut oil has many uses for skin, hair, and an overall healthy body. Using coconut oil to shave gives great benefits to your skin while avoiding chemicals that have unknown effects on the body. It's a great way to simplify your skin care routine. Not only does coconut oil moisturize your skin, it also provides your body with needed nutrients.

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