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From Asia With Love: The Rise of Alternative Medicine in the U.S.

From Asia With Love: The Rise of Alternative Medicine in the U.S.

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Alternative medicine has exploded in popularity throughout the United States in recent years. It's not always easy to define alternative medicine since it encompasses a wide variety of methods and techniques and can mean different things to different people. The following information describes the basic elements of alternative medicine, some of the more popular treatments, and future trends.

What is Alternative Medicine?
In simplest terms, alternative medicine involves various treatments that are used in place of traditional western medicine. It generally refers to medical treatments that originated in Asia. Sometimes it is defined by what it is not. It is often viewed as looking beyond conventional treatment for disease that normally includes treatments such as surgery, antibiotics, and chemotherapy. Alternative medicine is also preventative in nature and often focuses on diet-based therapies and whole foods. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been practiced for at least 23 centuries. It has been dated back to the Bronze Age and even then it included acupuncture and herbs.

What Are Some of the More Popular Treatments?
A few of the more popular treatments regarded as alternative medicine include acupuncture, aromatherapy, which uses essential oils from plants, and hydrotherapy, which is defined as the application of water. And, of course, chiropractic is a form of alternative medicine that has to varying degrees been practiced and accepted in the United States for many years.

Herbal medicine is being used extensively as well, with new plants and fruits increasingly being introduced as "new" treatment options. Noni, a shrub or small tree, has been used throughout history for skin conditions and joint pain. The juice from noni is increasingly being used as a treatment for various cancers, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health states that research regarding noni has shown it to stimulate immunity and that it has tumor fighting properties as well.

Who is Using This Type of Medical Treatment?
As the United States becomes more diverse and an increasing percentage of the population are of Asian descent, more people are likely to seek out alternative medical treatment. In a study released by the Ochsner Journal, it was found that women were more likely to use alternative medicine than men and that people with higher levels of education were more likely to seek out alternative treatments.

Alternative medicine The use of alternative medicine is likely to rise in the United States.

What is the Future of Alternative Medicine in the United States?
The most likely scenario is a fusion of both alternative medicine and contemporary Western medical practices. has stated that both can be used in combination to achieve better results. With the core of alternative medicine being patient centered rather than physician centered, we are already seeing a shift in the American medical system with people gravitating toward this approach.

Since combining elements of both types of medicine will produce the best results for patients, a blurring will begin to occur. Millennials, who have grown accustomed to diversity on all levels of life, will likely embrace the options offered in alternative medicine. For incredible face products that are natural shop at Biconi.

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