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Are You Making These 7 Common Face-Washing Mistakes?

Are You Making These 7 Common Face-Washing Mistakes?

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Washing your face seems like a simple thing to do, but it turns out that there are some common face-washing mistakes many people are making that can cause problems for their skin. Making sure you don't make these mistakes can help your skin be clearer and healthier every day.

Mistake #1: Dirty equipment/hands

When you wash your face, you should make sure your hands are clean first. If you use a washcloth or towel, make sure they are clean as well. Spreading bacteria to your face from your hands or other equipment can cause blemishes to erupt.

Mistake #2: Not removing makeup first

After washing your hands, use a gentle makeup remover (coconut oil does a great job) to take that makeup off before cleansing the skin. Most cleansers can't completely remove concealer or foundation, according to dermatologist Jeanine Downie. Sunscreen is another facial product that needs the power of makeup remover to come off all the way.

Mistake #3: Scrubbing too hard

Scrubbing too hard, especially with a washcloth, can damage and tear the skin's elastin and cause sagging and wrinkles over time. It's best to use your fingers and be gentle. For the same reason, just pat your face with the towel to dry it rather than rubbing with the towel.

Mistake #4: Washing too often

The general rule of cleansing is to wash your face twice a day, but for some people with sensitive skin, once a day might be more effective, while others may sometimes need more than twice a day. Those with oily skin who also work out or sweat a lot during the day should wash in the morning, after a workout and before bedtime. The best time for once-a-day cleansing is before bed, so that dirt and makeup don't sit on the skin overnight.

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Mistake #5: Using irritating products

Some facial cleansers have ingredients that can irritate skin and strip off natural oils. Many contain sulfates and parabens that cause allergic reactions in some. Avoid toners that contain alcohol, and be careful of products containing salicylic or glycolic acid, which are marketed to treat blemishes but often cause dry, peeling skin.

Mistake #6: Exfoliating too much or too little

Two to three times a week is ideal for exfoliating, which takes the dead skin cells off the surface of skin so that they don't clog pores. Homemade salt or sugar scrubs can be gentler than commercial products, and applying with fingers is gentlest.

Mistake #7: Wrong water temperature

Using water that is too hot or cold can dry out skin and make it prone to breakouts, as well as increasing inflammation and slowing healing of already-damaged skin. Lukewarm water is always best, even if that means taking the effort to get out of the shower to wash.

Biconi has a gentle, natural cleanser that can balance skin without any adverse affects. Radiant Skin Facial Cleanser contains virgin coconut oil and a plant extract called noni that is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. It contains no parabens, sulfates or alcohol to irritate or dry the skin. You can wash your face and help heal skin at the same time.

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