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8 Ways to Enjoy Better Health With Noni

8 Ways to Enjoy Better Health With Noni

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In India, noni is a tropical plant prized for the health benefits of its roots, bark, stems, leaves, fruit and juice. Nearly every part of the plant is beneficial for various ailments and diseases suffered by thousands of Indian people every year.

Noni also goes by the name of Indian mulberry and is found in tropical regions all over the world, including Australia, Southeast Asia, Polynesia, and Hawaii. It has been spread through transplanting to parts of Africa and Latin America as well. Noni is easy to grow and has even been found growing out of recent lava flows where not much else can grow.

The Health Benefits of Noni

Noni has been used to treat dozens of different health conditions dating back thousands of years to ancient Ayurvedic medicine, right up through to today. The following are ways that we can enjoy better health with noni.

1. Noni juice is used to treat gout, a joint disease that causes great pain in the feet and other joints and usually gets progressively worse over time. Noni inhibits xanthine oxidase enzymes, which cause the crystallizing substances in joints that make gout so painful.

2. Noni also gives relief and healing to arthritis sufferers and other inflammatory conditions. In clinical studies, noni was as effective as the pain reliever tramadol for joint pain, and may also reduce the joint destruction that can make arthritis so painful.

3. Noni supports the liver and prevents damage and impaired liver function when taken in juice form regularly. Compounds in noni prevent exposure to harmful chemicals, which keeps the liver healthy and disease-free.

4. Noni juice has a therapeutic effect on the central nervous system, which can help treat psychiatric disorders. The natural chemical components it contains also assist in healing brain damage and prevent cerebral ischemic stress.

5. Noni increases cerebral blood flow, which can help those with memory impairment function better and remember more than they could before.

6. Noni has a balancing effect on blood sugar, lowering it when it is high and raising it when it is low. Noni can enhance insulin sensitivity and make the body think it's getting glucose, as well as reducing triglycerides and LDL cholesterol in the body, which helps with the health risks associated with type two diabetes.

7. Noni improves immune system function to help fight off infections due to the presence of polysaccharides, which act much like white blood cells. Scopoletin in noni juice is anti-bacterial, antifungal, and acts as an anti-histamine, all of which support the immune system.

8. Noni juice can speed wound healing and regenerate skin. It has antioxidant effects and causes collagen and other tissues to grow more quickly and effectively. This health benefit of noni has applications for anti-aging and healing redness as well as the health of the scalp and ability to grow hair.

Better health with noni Noni juice or powder can be added to green smoothies and other foods.


Biconi's hair and skin products are formulated with noni extract to provide health benefits to your skin and hair. New hair growth can happen when the skin on the scalp heals and rengenerates.

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