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7 Stress Management Tips for the Holiday Season

7 Stress Management Tips for the Holiday Season

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The holidays are times of joy and happiness, but they can also be overwhelming, taking a toll on everything from your emotional health to your physical appearance. It is important to take time to continue habits of health and self-care through the holiday season so that stress can be better managed. Here are some more tips for how to manage stress during the holidays.

1. Acknowledge negative feelings. If you do have feelings of sadness or loss at the holidays, it's important not to just pretend everything is fine. Find a friend who will understand or is a good listener, or even talk to a counselor. Expressing and dealing with your feelings in a healthy way will go a long way toward reducing your holiday stress.

2. Say NO. The best way to spend the holidays as a stressed-out mess is to say yes to everything everyone asks you to do. If you try to do everything, you will inevitably fail. Decide ahead of time what you can handle and say no to everything else. Effective boundaries are healthy, so don't let anyone make you feel bad for only taking on what you can handle.

3. Let go of perfectionism. Life is never perfect, and the holidays are no exception. When something doesn't go according to plan, make the best of it and move on. Chances are, the messed-up, imperfect moments may lead to happy memories just as well as the so-called perfect ones.

4. Breathe. Deep breathing techniques have been proven to reduce stress and improve thinking. A few minutes of deep breaths each time you start to feel stressed will bring your heart rate down and help you deal with the stressful situation better. You can repeat the technique as many times a day as you need to.

5. Get enough sleep. It may seem like the answer to all the extra shopping, baking, decorating, and partying of the holidays is to burn the midnight oil and cut back on sleep time, but sleep deprivation leads to a host of problems including illness, overeating, and the exact opposite of clear-headedness.

Stress management tips Quality time with people you care about makes Christmas relaxing and memorable.


6. Eat a healthy diet. Although it is difficult to navigate holiday parties and cookie swaps with good dietary practices intact, making the effort yields benefits far beyond the lack of extra inches on your waistline. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains and low in processed foods and sugar will boost your immune system and give you the energy you need to handle the extra tasks of the holidays, whereas a poor diet and/or skipping meals will leave you dragging and sluggish at exactly the wrong time.

7. Maintain self-care routines. Taking care of your hair and skin is still important, even when you're hurrying about to participate in holiday gatherings and other activities. Here's a suggestion: use virgin coconut oil as a moisturizer to hydrate skin while it infuses vitamins and antioxidants. Shop Biconi's face products which contain virgin coconut oil and other beneficial ingredients.

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