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6 Top Summer Hair Tips

6 Top Summer Hair Tips

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Summer is so much fun, but your hair may not think so. While you are having a great time at the pool, the beach, or other outdoor activities, your hair is getting baked by the sun, stripped and sometimes tinted by pool chemicals, and pounded by the sand and surf. The fun activities of summer cause a lot of extra wear and tear on your hair.

There are things you can do to protect your hair from the damage sun can cause, and even repair the damage after the fact. Here are 6 tips that can give you great summer locks no matter what the summer brings.

1) Choose an easy style.

Pony tails, braids and easy up-dos are great hairstyles for those casual summer days when everyone is more relaxed. Not only do these great styles keep the hair off your neck when it's hot outside, but they give hair a break from the heat of styling appliances and from heavy product use, which can help counteract the extra sun and pool exposure.

Gregory Patterson from the New York Blow Dry Bar advises looser tie-backs and choosing different styles on different days to avoid putting undue stress on the same strands of hair. Sporting a low ponytail one day and a loose braid the next can help keep your hair from breaking unnecessarily.

2) Wet hair before swimming.

If hair is already wet when you go into the water, it won't be able to absorb as much chlorine from the pool water or salt from the ocean, both of which are drying to hair. Putting on a small dollop of coconut oil or conditioner will protect hair even more.

3) Cover it up.

Whether with a big, floppy sun hat, a stylish scarf, or a head wrap, covering up hair at least sometimes will give it a break from the sun and sea air and prevent damage. On days you don't wear something over the hair, using styling products with sunscreen can be another way to keep the sun's rays from damaging hair.

Summer hair tips

4) Pre-trim.

Getting hair trimmed before summer starts will help your hair resist damage, as well as prepare it for the faster growth of summer. Some experts recommend a mid-season trim, while others advise waiting until the end of summer to get your next trim so that any damage that does occur can be taken care of in a timely manner.

5) Soak in Oil.

If hair does start to feel dry or frizzy, soaking it in virgin coconut oil or another virgin oil overnight can add back in the moisture that the sun and sea stripped away. Recommended: Biconi's 100% Cold Pressed Virgin Olive Oil.

6) Use Natural Shampoo.

Sulfates, parabens and other chemicals can exacerbate the damage sun and surf can cause. Biconi's Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo has all natural ingredients including coconut oil that will help rather than hurt summer-damaged locks. Hair Repair Conditioner also contains coconut oil and is free from chemicals.

Using these tips can keep your hair healthy long after the summer sun has faded and the pools have closed.

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