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5 Ways to Connect With Your Baby

5 Ways to Connect With Your Baby

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Your baby depends on you for absolutely everything: food, diaper changes, bathing, and just as importantly - love and bonding. Here are some ways for either or both parents to connect with their little ones and form a healthy bond.

1. Use a sling.

It can seem impossible to make baby happy when she wants to be held a lot. You may have other children that need you to feed, help and play with them, or you may need to take care of routine household chores that take 2 hands, like cooking or cleaning. Using a sling to carry baby with you as you do these things can give you both a feeling of comfort and closeness while keeping your hands free. Be sure to use the right sling for your baby's size and development (i.e. head support).

2. Make eye contact.

When you change and dress your baby and when baby is awake and alert, be sure to spend some time gazing into baby's eyes (as if you could do anything else, right)? Eye contact will help with recognition and memorization of your face. About 12 inches is the perfect distance for a newborn's limited vision.

3. Sing and talk to baby.

By birth, your baby probably already recognizes your voices (both mommy and daddy), so singing and talking to baby in a soothing voice can help him become or stay calm. When baby can hear your familiar, special voice, she feels more safe and secure. Singing and talking also has the added benefit of helping baby learn language. Infants aren't too young to begin to understand when you talk to them, and the sooner they understand, the sooner they, too will begin to use language.

4. Spend time.

Work, older children's needs, and other responsibilities are all realities of life that may prevent parents from spending as much time with their new baby as they possibly can. Just remember - your baby is only little once, and it doesn't last very long. Newborns go through major changes in habits, schedules, and needs on a monthly, sometimes even a weekly basis. If you don't make spending time with your baby a priority, you will miss precious moments that you can never get back, and your bond may not be as strong as you want it to be. Make time to hold, talk to, and get to know your baby.

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5. Touch and massage.

Of course, you want to touch your baby, and much love is communicated through gentle and caring touch. Bathing, dressing and holding baby can communicate volumes about your feelings. Another way to help your baby with touch is to learn how to do infant massage. Babies who are massaged by their caregivers are calmer, happier, and more relaxed. Their circulation and digestion are also improved, compared to babies who aren't given massages.

This article talks more about the benefits of baby massage. A step-by-step primer is given here.

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