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5 Reasons to Use Natural Skin Care

5 Reasons to Use Natural Skin Care

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Natural skin care refers to products that don't contain man-made chemicals, but use only substances found in nature, including plants, herbs, and other naturally occurring substances. Here are some reasons why using natural skin care products can be beneficial.

1. Natural products cause less redness and irritation.

Many skin care products, especially ones that treat acne or the signs of aging, cause an initial period of redness and irritation to the skin. Although these effects are said to be "normal," they can cause significant discomfort and embarrassment, particularly for those with sensitive skin. Natural products typically don't cause as much redness and irritation and often have no adjustment period at all.

2. No worries about skin absorption.

The skin absorbs some of whatever is put on it, and in the case of chemically-laden products, this can be a source of concern. Natural products often contain vitamins and minerals that are beneficial when absorbed into skin, and don't pose a worry about any harmful effects from absorption.

3. They have stood the test of time.

Many natural products rely on ingredients that have been used for hundreds or thousands of years safely and effectively. There are good reasons why people have used coconut oil, noni and a variety of herbs and essential oils for such a long time. Although the modern age has given us many effective medicines and treatments, natural treatments are still some of the most effective, as well as being gentle and non-harmful.

Natural skin care Virgin coconut oil is a natural ingredient in many skin care products.

4. Natural products can save you money.

Some natural products are more expensive than their conventional counterparts, but there are affordable natural products available that use simple, inexpensive ingredients, and there are many ways to save money even if you pay as much or more up front. One way natural products save you money is that they work, so you end up buying fewer products in the end.

If you use the right natural cleanser, your skin will be healthy and balanced, so that you don't need a toner or acne-fighting product. Buying fewer products is probably the biggest money-saving aspect of using natural products. Some products can be made at home from simple ingredients like virgin coconut oil, which can also save you money.

5. Natural products are less likely to cause breakouts.

Chemically-laden skin care products often strip natural oils from the skin. These oils provide natural protection for the skin and preserve its balance, which keeps breakouts from happening and bacteria from invading. When oils are stripped from the skin, two things can happen: bacteria can multiply and cause problems, and the skin may produces more oils to replace what has been stripped away, which often leads to blocked pores.

Biconi's skin products use natural, simple ingredients like virgin coconut oil, plant extracts, and vegetable glycerin to gently restore balance to the skin. Chemicals like SLS and parabens, as well as alcohol and sulfates, are all left out of Biconi products to give you the most natural skin care experience possible.

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