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The 411 on Bug Bites and Your Baby

The 411 on Bug Bites and Your Baby

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Bug bites
Spring and summer are bug season, and your precious baby is not immune to being bitten. However, babies have sensitive skin, and you don't want to use a bug bite preparation that might irritate it further. There are things you can do to help avoid bug bites and signs to look for if your baby has a serious reaction to one. Treating a bug bite is the easy part when you use a natural ingredient such as virgin coconut oil to soothe the bite while it heals.

What Kind of Bugs Can Commonly Bite a Baby?

Any kind of bug that can bite can target your baby, especially since babies are fairly oblivious to bugs because they are something new to them. Common bites are from mosquitoes, gnats, ants and flies.

Bug bites Use gentle products to treat bug bites on your baby.

How to Recognize the Symptoms of a Bug Bite on Baby

Bug bites frequently present with raised, red bumps that have a center that looks like a small puncture or blister. Most children do not react to a bug bite except for itching and scratching or complaining of pain at the site. Babies or children with an allergy to the bite can have a more severe reaction such as fever, hives or joint pain, and the site of the bite can feel hot to the touch. A smaller percentage may even have life-threatening symptoms such as severe swelling and trouble breathing and swallowing. More serious, rapid reactions require medical attention right away. In addition, some mosquitoes carry serious diseases, such as West Nile virus. When a child has been bitten by a mosquito and becomes ill soon after with fever, vomiting and headache, call your doctor.

How to Avoid Bug Bites

It isn't possible to avoid all bug bites, but there are precautions you can take with your baby so that it's less risky. Stay away from areas where mosquitoes are common such as pools of water, gardens, trash cans and food out in the open. Stay indoors around dusk and in the night since mosquitoes are more active during these hours. Don't allow areas of standing water near your home. Old tire swings and discarded planters become mosquito breeding grounds. If you leave doors or windows open in your home, make sure that screens are in place to keep bugs out.

Treating Insect Bites on Babies

Redness and swelling can be treated with a cool damp cloth or a cloth wrapped around an ice cube to ease the symptoms. Itching can be treated with an oral antihistamine, while ibuprofen or acetaminophen can be used for pain. However, phone your doctor first to ask about dosage before giving medicine to your little one. Natural products, such as Biconi Baby Massage Oil can be used any time your baby has a rash, bug bite, chapped skin or other minor conditions. The cold-pressed virgin coconut oil has a pleasant scent and is natural and safe to use.

Virgin Coconut Oil Products for Babies and Children

Biconi makes products for babies and children that use natural ingredients and cleanse well while still being gentle on the skin. Shop baby products to learn about Biconi Baby Massage Oil, Biconi Gentle Baby Soap, and Biconi Tooth Fairy Natural Toothpaste with antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

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