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The 411 on Acne: Virgin Coconut Oil and More

The 411 on Acne: Virgin Coconut Oil and More

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Coconut milk has become a popular alternative to dairy for its health benefits and taste. Coconut also has other amazing uses, and virgin coconut oil in health and beauty products is present in shampoos, conditioners, beauty bars, facial cleansers and other products because of its natural antimicrobial ability. Men and women with acne can benefit from the use of coconut oil as a treatment and preventative for more beautiful, clearer skin without the addition of harmful chemicals.

Why Coconut Oil Works to Treat Acne

Acne results from a bacteria that causes skin inflammation called Propionibacterium acnes. Coconut oil not only contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that can fight against this bacteria, it also contains capric acid and Vitamin E, both of which are powerful antioxidants. Coconut oil also works well as a skin moisturizer because it contains healthy fats to make your skin soft and smooth.

Acne Is Not Age Specific

One fallacy about acne is that it is a problem during the teenage years. Anyone can have problems with acne, even into the 50s, because it is bacteria-related. Using a product that removes bacteria from the skin can result in fewer problems. Virgin coconut oil has been produced using an extraction process that is different from regular coconut oil. This process does not use heat and results in the oil retaining more of its beneficial properties.

Virgin coconut oil Coconut oil helps promote beautiful skin.

Why You Use an Oil to Fight Excess Oil

Some people might think that using an oil when a man or woman already has excessively oily skin might only compound the problem. However, there is reasoning behind using coconut oil to fight against acne. Virgin coconut oil works like a detox to get rid of blackheads, toxins and dirt, in the same way that eating good fats helps rid your body of fats. Oily skin contains sebum, which is a bad oil, and virgin coconut oil helps remove it. While using coconut oil may cause some breakouts at first, they diminish as time goes on and the skin clears.

The Difference Between Virgin Coconut Oil and Regular Coconut Oil

Just as the first press of olive oil is the richest, virgin coconut oil has more benefits than other types. Minerals, antioxidants, a higher vitamin content, fatty acids and even protein is higher in virgin coconut oil. Because it has a longer shelf life and contains fewer impurities, it does not turn rancid as quickly as regular coconut oil. Unlike regular oil, which can contain impurities that might worsen your skin, virgin coconut oil cleans and nourishes the skin as it returns it to the clear, healthy look you want.

Health and Beauty Products That Contain Coconut Oil

Many health and beauty products contain coconut oil, however, virgin coconut oil lasts longer, stays fresher and not only pampers your skin but has that fresh coconut scent that reminds you of the tropics. Because of its purity over regular coconut oil, it is preferable to look for virgin oil in a list of product ingredients. You find it in products such as baby soap, massage oil, shampoo and conditioner, hair rejuvenating shampoo and even in pure oil to use for any type of skincare.

Natural products provide healthy options for both men and women who insist on a healthy lifestyle. Biconi offers virgin coconut oil in products for men, women, and infants. To shop face products, click here.

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