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4 Tips For Healthier Hair and Skin This Fall

4 Tips For Healthier Hair and Skin This Fall

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Cooler temperatures, brightly colored leaves, and pumpkin-flavored everything are some of the things you might be starting to celebrate as kids go back to school this fall and life settles into a different routine. Your skin and hair may be singing a different tune when it comes to fall and winter weather. The humidity of summer may not have felt comfortable, but it did provide the moisture your skin and hair needed to prevent dry and brittle skin and hair.

Don't worry, there is hope for your hair and skin no matter the season of year. Here are some common hair and skin problems fall can bring, along with what you can do to help keep the balance.

1. Itchy skin.

Wind and colder weather take much of the moisture out of the air. The dryer air feels cool and comfortable at first, but over time it can dry your skin and make it itchy. Applying lotion or pure coconut oil to skin every day once the weather cools down can supply the moisture your drying skin needs. Other helps: bathing in warm, not hot water and using a humidifier in your home once the heat starts to run.

2. Static hair.

Dryer air becomes electrically charged, and static hair is the result. A leave-in conditioner may help, but if your hair seems to have static no matter how much you moisturize, rubbing some hand lotion or a dryer sheet lightly over hair will disrupt the ions and get that static under control. According to Drybar founder Ali Webb, it is also beneficial to brush your hair at night before bed to move oils from the scalp to the ends of hair.

3. Red, Chapped Skin.

Whether from wind, sun or too much blowing your nose, fall is a time when skin gets red and chapped more easily. Wind can strip the protective oils from your skin and make it more susceptible to sun damage, so wearing sunscreen is still a must. If your skin tends to become dry, avoid all oil-eliminating products (toners, clay masks, etc.) and use a moisturizer or a thin layer of coconut oil twice a day instead.

4. Flaky Scalp.

As the air dries out, the skin of your scalp may begin to flake. Whether the problem is dandruff or just dry skin, the result can be the same - unsightly flakes decorating your clothes and an itchy scalp to go along with it.

Hair and skin Noni has powerful effects on dry skin and hair.

Noni is a tropical plant indigenous to Southeast Asia. For over 2,000 years, natives have used this plant for a variety of ailments and have found it to be particularly useful for healing skin that is dry, red or inflamed. Noni is also effective for hydrating hair and helps dry scalp in the process.

To fight skin redness or any of the effects of fall weather on skin and hair, Biconi's natural hair and skin products contain noni extract and coconut oil and avoid drying ingredients like SLS and parabens. Both Radiant Skin Facial Cleanser and Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo offer superior hydration to reverse the damage fall can bring to skin and hair.

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