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4 Surprising Facts About Noni

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Noni is a fruit found in tropical climates including Hawaii, India and South East Asia. Noni has been used for years by local people for their general health and welfare. People in areas known to use noni on a regular basis are known to have long life spans and better than average health. Noni is known by the scientific name Morinda citrifolia.

The more health care researchers study the noni fruit, the more they find out that this fruit, often ingested in juice form, has many amazing qualities that can benefit those who use it. The effects of the fruit on rats and humans have been widely studied since 2001, and researchers have found some surprising benefits.

1. Noni has properties that could fight cancer.

Several studies on noni have found that a still-unknown compound in the fruit has an effect on cancerous cells and tumors, stopping them from growing or slowing their growth. It is also thought that with regular use, noni could help to prevent tumors from growing at all. If the regular use of noni could help even 5 percent of potential cancers from growing, it could save up to 25,000 lives in the US alone each year.

2. Noni helps with arthritis and joint pain.

According to a study from National Institutes of Health, a concentrated solution of noni fruit puree was as effective in reducing pain as the drug tramadol. The solution was also tested on human cells and had an effect similar to hydrocortisone. These results seem to suggest that noni fruit can effectively decrease arthritis pain and give credibility to noni's long held reputation for easing arthritis symptoms. Furthermore, noni may even have a healing effect on joints over time.

3. Noni can help to treat allergies.

recent study of noni on humans showed that an extract of noni fruits and leaves reduced allergy symptoms. This benefit of noni has not been well known, but shows promise as a new allergy treatment when consumed daily. Noni is safe for most people, but does have high levels of potassium. Consumers with a history of heart, kidney or liver problems should avoid noni.

4. Noni shows promise in treating blood sugar and improving wound healing.

In a 2007 study on rats, noni greatly improved wound healing while also improving blood sugar in rats with diabetes. While more study is necessary to determine if diabetic humans would also see positive results, this study shows a potential for these benefits to exist. Noni has long been known to help with both blood sugar and wound healing, and would appear to be of benefit to the 25 million Americans living with diabetes.

Noni increasingly shows promise in treating some of the health conditions many people struggle with every day. For those with arthritis, allergies or diabetes, noni may not only help the symptoms of the disease, but may also protect against other health issues like cancer at the same time.


Photo source: Flickr Creative Commons 2.0

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