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4 Best Hairstyles for Men with Thinning Hair

4 Best Hairstyles for Men with Thinning Hair

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Up to 80% of men deal with thinning hair as they get older. Men have different reactions to thinning hair, from acceptance to anxiety and depression.

As a man's hair begins to thin, it may be difficult to figure out an attractive way to style it. The temptation may be to just shave it all off and go for the bald look, but not all men look attractive with no hair at all. And many men enjoy the feeling of hair on their heads.

According to expert barber Ammon Carver, a 5-time Editorial Stylist of the Year nominee, here are the best techniques for styling thin hair:

--Use shampoo but avoid conditioner. Conditioner's job is to make hair softer, but softer hair is less apt to stay in place when it is styled.

--Use a styling product - gel or mousse - on hair before styling. Go for a product that adds body but is lightweight and doesn't weigh hair down. Apply styling product when hair is still damp.

--Unless hair is very short, blow dry it into the shape you want. Sometimes you can finger style, or use a small round brush to shape it.

--A powder texturizer or a paste can add more fullness to hair once it is styled.

4 Hair Styles for Thinning Hair, and One To Avoid

1. Most stylists advise keeping hair short and cropped. When hair is very short, it's hard to tell that it's thin.

2. If hair is thin but not balding on top, brushing hair toward the middle of the head can maximize fullness. A hip or trendy style for thinning hair is the "fauxhawk," with a spiky appearance in the middle of the head.

3. Leaving hair a little bit longer on top and brushing it forward can give the appearance of more hair. The sides should be very close-cropped to balance out any thinning on top.

4. For hair that is thinning at the back, parting it on the side but letting it fall forward can maximize the appearance of hair.

Thinning hair

All stylists universally advise avoiding the comb-over hairstyle and the overuse of sprays and gels. These styles make men look older and don't do anything to camoflage the problem of thinning hair.

An attractive hairstyle can go far in making men feel more confident about their thinning hair, but there are steps men can take before resigning themselves to hair loss. Biconi's Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo contains virgin coconut oil and plant extracts like noni that both make existing hair appear fuller and feed the hair follicles so that hair may even begin to regrow.

Sometimes hair follicles stop producing hair because the scalp skin is unhealthy, and this all-natural shampoo repairs skin to produce the optimal conditions for hair to regrow. It does not contain SLS, parabens or pthalates, which can actually harm the hair and scalp and discourage hair growth. Hair Rejuvenating Solid Shampoo is gentle enough to be used every day, and will leave hair moisturized even without a conditioner.

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